The purpose of DAAT was to create a software-based solution that would allow people with no experience in the crypto market to participate in it. The transactional software that is developed and delivered to you is more powerful than ever. This has been proven by many traders who have extensively tested this software without any prior experience. They have acquired knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency trading.

This is a new system independent of the existing trading software. This system works fully automatically. It allows you to make profitable trades even without knowing the market. With this tool, the user not only receive the trading software, but also another possibility to easily earn money without prior knowledge in the crypto market. And all this without the need for prior intensive experience with software features.

The platform is constantly developing to meet all your expectations and needs. We make every effort to make our platform user-friendly and easy to use. Therefore, for your convenience, we have introduced an additional option. One Click Trade. It makes trading even easier! It is a faster and more convenient solution that will allow you to trade even more actively. We invite you to use the new One Click Trade option!

  • Financial Analysis Tool
  • Handling Automated Market Signals
  • Automated buy-sell Platform for Cryptocurrencies
  • Automated Arbitrage Platform for International Exchanges
  • Affiliate marketing Platform for multiple investors

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