Secure Document Management, blockchain powered

Enables organizations and individuals to Scan, Index, Capture, Retrieve, Manage, Control and Distribute critical business document safely and securely. Our document management software system replaces paper-based processes with electronic procedures, eliminating the printing, posting and manual filing of paper documents and thus driving significant cost savings across your organisation.

  • Web-based Document Management System
  • Full-text search across document content and metadata
  • Extensible metadata model
  • Standards-based API (CMIS) simplifies building custom front-ends
  • Import from compressed .ZIP archives, Document versioning, document version control
  • Tagging on documents with TagCloud
  • Document Repository Statistics
  • Complete Document History with metadata comparison
  • Expiration of Documents
  • Complete activity log
  • Webservices API
  • Extensible frontend API
  • Watermark ( text – image ), Digital signature,
  • Cryptography ( encrypt and decrypt documents )
  • Blockchain authenticity of Documents
  • Joomla file-browser extension, Dropbox integration, WebDAV interface, Integrated TWAIN scanner, OCR integration, Microsoft Office AddIns, OpenOffice Add On, AutoCAD preview, Integrated with LDAP and Active directory
  • Google Apps Synchronization, Workflow ( jBPM ), Antivirus integration, Dicom preview, OpenMeetings integration, HTML Editor, Forum and Wiki, Zoho integration, 2D barcode reader, CAS authentication