Predict UAV – detection, auto-pilot, countermeasures


Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance using state-of-the-art Machine Learning & Computer Vision grid

Why A.I.?

The amount of data required to be Real-Time Gathered, Filtered & Ready for Mission Critical Decision Making is ENORMOUS !

Human Intelligence is NO longer enough!



  • limited range 100–150 m
  • database of acoustic signatures 
  • discriminate ambient noises
  • preventing false alarm to set off


  • short range detection 100 m
  • difficulty distinguishing between drones and birds
  • may trigger unacceptably high rate of false alarm 
  • Machine learning for motion analysis


  • range 100 meters 
  • subjected to weather conditions
  • Thermal shielding of the electric motors can further degrade the effectiveness of thermal detection

Radar Detection

  • RCS size of small birds (0.01 m2) 
  • range up to 2 km using very low transmitted power 
  • tracks small drones up to 20 km 

Radio Frequency Detection

  • The current state-of-the-art detector sensitivity is 10-19 W 
  • Machine Learning for Drone transmitting power, wavelength, distance from target, noise power etc.