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Palantir worked with Cambridge Analytica on the Facebook data: Whistleblower

Palantir worked on the Facebook data that was acquired by Cambridge Analytica, whistleblower Christopher Wylie tells members of U.K. Parliament.

Check this out. These are no fucking jokes.

Everyone remembers the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and how the mainstream media tried to show how the Trump campaign spied on Facebook users.

Beyond the fact that user profiling for targetted ads, on the Internet, is a legal activity that dates decades back, and that EVERYONE uses – that’s how you get your shoes ads, in exchange for all your activity records, this is what cookies are for, for those that still don’t get it – beyond all that, there are a lot of powerful pieces of information, that you can find if you research a little, and that the idiots thinking they get the truth from their TVs will never get.

Here they are.

* Palantir is a data mining company – just like Cambridge Analytica – based in Sillicon Valley – you know, the place where all the miracle, hundreds of billion dollars worth, “basement startups” like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Uber – another independent startup that spread up like a wild fire across the globe, in a few years, without any obvious competitional reason, promoted by the mainstream worldwide – just like all the rest of the independent miracles – and universal beneficiary of inexplicable operational and financial regulation exemptions in all jurisdictions, compared to all other, normal, private taxi companies. The only differences Uber presents to other cab companies are, across the board, competitional disadvantages – inability to use cash, the impossbility to use taxi stops, the absence of call centers, drivers without background checks or licenses, the absence of special, publci transportation insurance, and every single trip recorded, with the personal data of every user, along with the times, stops, etc.. within a personal car sharing system. We all know how the removal of cash, recording all personal data and activity, and car sharing/pooling, as opposed to car owning, are stated intended implements of the Leftist NWO, but I digress.

* Among Palantir’s clients were the NSA, and FBI. The company itself I’ve seen reported as being backed by the CIA.

* Palantir was co-founded by billionaire Peter Thiel, who owns Paypal – a chairman of which has been, until recently, Elon Musk (Tesla, Space X) – and also stakes in… Facebook. Facebook is the platform Cambridge Analytica worked on.

* Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix was introduced to Palantir by Sophie Schmidt, the daughter of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

* Eric Schmidt himself has established a company which carried on the exact same task for Hillary Clinton, after having done the same for Barraq Hussein. The had of Google himslef – the one that records all your searches, provides the results that you take as news, that own the operating systems of the vast majority of all smartphones in the the world – Android – and claims to be politically objective – but about all this, in a separate post.

* Before the 2016 US elections, these are all Obama’s FBI, NSA, and CIA. I seriously doubt it that they set out to help Trump win.

* Several people from Palantir moved to work at Cambridge Analytica, reportedly at Christopher Wylie’s behest (the whistleblower).

* Wylie, himself, who said that he dreamed of turning CA into “NSA’s wet dream”, is a gay, hair dyed, army uniform wearing, vegan guy, with a resentful, cynical attitude, that fits the Leftist “liberal” profile to a tee. We all know how fond Liberals are of Trump.

I find it very hard to believe that these people decided to go against their convictions, or job descriptions, to help Donald Trump win, against the establishment, and then, all of a sudden, had the revelation that they were working against their conscience, which they were unaware of, until then, and blew the whsitle.

* Another great coincidence – I told you how much I believe in coincidences – is that Donald Trump’s campaign declined using the data from CA, shortly after hiring them, which the mainstream media doesn’t say, preferring to use RNC data instead.

The whstile blowing happened soon after.

So, these are the facts. That you will never hear in the mainstream. You draw your own conclusions.

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