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Experts Forecast: Ethereum (ETH) will exceed $20’000 & Bitcoin (BTC) > $100’000 ! Timeframe 24-36 months !

Experts in the field of trading and investment believe that this is the best time to invest in digital currencies because they are more stable than FIAT.

At the moment, there is a noticeable mass concentration of Bitcoin by large international companies. Analysts indicate that this is “hodling”, i.e., gathering crypto resources as a form of protection. The latest data indicate that over 40% of Bitcoins do not leave their wallets, which indicates that the current strategy is to create a financial reserve against inflation in the monetary system.

The involvement of international institutions in the crypto market has made its foundation much better than ever before.

The weakening confidence in public institutions as well as in banks has also contributed to a new model of decentralized finance (DeFi). These will make it possible to create a more open financial system that can potentially be protected from censorship and discriminatory actions around the world. The coronavirus pandemic has significantly accelerated the development of DeFi, which is also resulting in the rating of Ethereum and coins based on its architecture.

The increase in cryptocurrency prices is also influenced by the activity of miners. The crypto mining supply increased by more than 20 million USD and thus returned to the level before the last halving of Bitcoin.

Therefore, very optimistic predictions for the two largest cryptocurrencies are made. Analysts predict that in the nearest future both Bitcoin and Ethereum will not only break their previous records but will also rise well above this level. The forecasts even say that they will exceed the 100,000 USD for one Bitcoin and 10,000 USD for one Ethereum.