ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning


It is an entirely web-based solution, developed in a manner to consume very small resources and can be used on low broadband connections. It is a full-grown system with a great number of features including: multi-currency, multi-location inventory, inventory tracking as batches or element; full double-entry general ledger; weighted or standard costs medium. Production line, including MRP, transport costs, contract costs. ERP EVO BASIC is ideal for fields like retail and wholesale distribution, production lines, with translations in 20 languages. Reporting directly to PDF:

  • Sales orders, accounts receivable, acquisition orders
  • Contract costs, transport costs
  • Multi-currency – currency exchange rates automatically updated
  • Standard costs, weighted average costs
  • Multi-inventory locations
  • Multi-bill taxes
  • Inventory with series and batches tracking
  • Fixed assets Register
  • Production lines, multi-level lists of materials
  • Debt-claim expenses
  • Sales analysis
  • Multilingual interface, PDF reports



Offers comprehensive functionality for business management that helps you to improve financial operations, production process, internal processes, and many more. ERP EVO PREMIUM interconnect your organization, giving you increased visibility and enhanced control over it; ERP was developed in a way that third party applications can be further built on with a high degree of customization, being thus adapted for industry.

ERP EVO PREMIUM allows you to make better inquired decisions that will impact positively the profit margins and improve your company’s cash flow. Easy to implement and use, Microsoft Dynamics NAV operates on existing technology, giving you long term value, a small ROI and also the ability to scale.

  • Financial Management
  • Production
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project management
  • Service Management
  • Control

ERP EVO PREMIUM increases the visibility and improves the information on all the levels of your business; one more reason to be sure that the right people get the right decisions at the right time.

Accelerate the financial and operational management using a role-based interface and through the workflows built-in.

Get an overview of your business using integrated systems, shared information and drill-down capabilities to gain extra visibility in transaction and audit processes.

Provide automatic tools for reporting and BI capabilities in real time to make quick and well informed decisions and also relieve the IT department from data collecting and consolidating tasks.


Make smart decisions to increase margins and cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you to increase the profit rate by maximizing the capabilities of your employees and systems.

Reduce operational costs and eliminate errors by automation of the business processes.

Easily analyse the consolidated financial data to track trends and act accordingly to improve the cash flow.

Identify the most profitable customers to find new sales opportunities and to make them loyal.

Focus on the most profitable products and the most loyal customers.


Use your profit to create new opportunities through a solution that really helps you grow your business.

Expand your business opportunities through a flexible accounting process and benefit from multi-currency support.

Choose the implementation option that matches best with your business and is capable to increase the flexibility your IT systems without costs increasing.

Develop your business being sure that your systems can scale as it grows.



Production, Distribution, Retail, Services, Public Administration

ERP EVO LARGE ENTERPRISE is the ERP solution for companies that offer a specific basis for each industry, for 5 different industries, together with a basic ERP comprehensive functionality for financial management, human resources and operations management. Empowers the employees to anticipate and adjust to market fluctuations, making your business flourishing. All these are available in one global solution with benefits you can instantly explore.

Reply easily to your business requirements using an ERP solution with capabilities specific for each industry, for 5 different industries. This approach provides a higher value, faster, particularly for the worldwide business spanning on several types of industries.


  • Offshore and onshore strategies
  • Global management of supply and demand
  • Quick co-optation of new opportunities
  • Centralization of mergers and acquisitions
  • Monitoring and tracking
  • Personal safety regulations and environment protection
  • Country-specific fiscal regulations
  • Social media consumers
  • Products with short life cycle
  • Feedback quickly received and applied
  • Need for privacy protection


  • Plan in advance
  • Control the complex transport networks
  • Monitor merchandise in several countries
  • Comply with current accounting regulations, taxes and fiscals in each country your business operates
  • Manage the seasonal labour and transport costs
  • Choose between local or out-of-the-market suppliers and services
  • See the real-time status of the order
  • Monitor the overall inventory
  • Integrate disparate systems spread over different geographical areas
  • Improve the quality of communication with suppliers and providers
  • Find the suppliers ecological responsible
  • Follow the increasingly complex rules and regulations
  • Monitor the final products to the source
  • Benefit from full reporting on processes and resources consumption
  • Monitor and prove the substances use and volume
  • Plan keeping in mind the customers unpredictable request
  • Control the costs and increase profit margins
  • Manage correctly the economic and financial volatility
  • Increase the business rate-of-rise


  • Moving the customers into online or on other channels
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Inside information on prices and promotions in real time, on any device
  • High expectations for a connected, convenient shopping experience
  • Integration with social networks that can influence the demand
  • Stores that offer „one-stop shopping”
  • Large retailers launching new formats on the market
  • Increased competition on online channels
  • Last generation IT infrastructure, flexible and reliable
  • The possibility to benefit from new technologies through the existing IT investment
  • Disparate points of sale (POS), merchandising and business planning resources
  • Multi-channel workflows with impact on the customers experience


  • Marketing models and productive action plans
  • Increasing the performance of its services and sales corss
  • Prospecting customers in nearby foreign markets
  • Negotiation of cost-effective SLAs
  • Acquiring of new knowledge and performance management
  • Global prospecting of future employees
  • Discovering brainpower and material assets
  • Proper expertise at the right time, anywhere in the world.
  • Hybrid services teams
  • Methods for providing remote services
  • Project control and transparency
  • Real-time visibility during service delivery and billing process
  • Situational awareness and operational risk
  • Comply with various regulations and laws in the field

Public administration

Being a part of the public administration, you must find the ideal ratio between the continuous increasing of requests and services on one side, and the budget cuts on the other. To be able to do this you have to follow 4 important strategic directions:

  • Upgrading the working space
  • Making your decisions visible
  • Complying with the regulations
  • Fiscal liability

These objectives can be easily accomplished with a familiar solution that gives access for the public administration to information and tools required to improve the decisional process and the component services.

EVO LARGE ENTERPRISE ERP helps you manage finances, acquisitions, human resources, citizens (public) relations, funds, projects and grants, budgetary control and the provision of specific services, with a low TCO index and increased efficiency.

Benefits of ERP EVO LARGE ENTERPRISE usage by the public administration include:

  • A powerful solution: specially developed for public administration, designed to provide fast and high reliability operational efficiency
  • Improves the delivery, responsibility and transparency of the constituent services
  • Helps to increase the staff productivity.
  • Agility: It helps you to quickly respond to legal or constituent requirements
  • Adapt yourself to constituent changes and different legislative mandates.
  • Encourage transparency and open decision-making process.
  • Simplicity: Provides a common and innovative interface including data sets intro one support similar to the Microsoft products you already use.
  • Familiar look and functionality simplifies its usage and reduce the adoption curve.
  • Simplify the information sharing with internal staff, external agencies or vendors.