DAAT Platform – Digital Assets Arbitrage & Trading

DAAT Platform
Digital Assets Arbitrage & Trading

The purpose of the DAAT Platform was to create a full auto-arbitrage solution that would allow people with no experience in the Crypto market to participate in it.

the best Auto-Arbitrage platform in its class !

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  • 8+ International Exchanges connected with API
  • Multiple Custom Rules for Automated Arbitrage
  • Concurrent Arbitrage Rules / Orders Execution
  • Possibility to integrate DAAT Platform in large Asset Management infrastructure 

Arbitrage Deposits Performance for last 16 months
Top 10 Algos
(updated February 2021)

Arbitrage Deposits 2020 Performance

Ethereum – USD 

January – December Prices: 129.16 – 736.42 USD

Asset Performance: 570.16%

Arbitrage Deposits Performance: 113.05%

Total Performance: 1214.72%

Bitcoin – USD

January – December Prices: 7195.24 – 28923.63 USD

Asset Performance: 401.98%

Arbitrage Deposits Performance: 89.65%

Total Performance: 762.36%

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