CUBE 3 Investment Platform

3 Packages for 3 Investment styles:

Global Safe – is for the traditional investor, who wants stability and long term market-guarantee solution.

Separately Managed Account – is simply a private portfolio of individual securities that is actively managed by a professional investment firm.

Premium service for long-term investment. All the knowledge, tools and philosophy you need, but NONE of the day-to-day hassle you don’t want !

Expected profitability: exceeds 10% per annum

Smart Crypto – is for the modern investor, who wants to have 2 levels of profit. One – for holding assets in a booming market, the crypto-currencies. Two – for having that assets auto-hedged by the daily movements of the crypto-coins.

Algorithms without the use of common indicators, that can deal with extreme market fluctuations, without incurring high risks of loss.

Risk reduction in a fast paced market environment on the basis of medium- and long-term strategies with constant returns.

Much more flexibility in profit withdraw.

Fast Hedge – is for the proactive investor, who wants larger profits, while having their assets automatically hedged in a variety of markets.

Today’s financial markets present a unique set of challenges ! Between the anxiety induced by sharp declines during the financial crisis and uncertainty about the future direction of markets we offer the Vision & Implementation of Artificial Intelligence to provide State-of-the-Art Platform.

The traditional ways to hedge against risk often fail to meet the protection and/or profit needs of investors. Multi-asset & multi-market hedging seeks to account for those challenges

Complete flexibility in profit withdraw.

Who is LEW?

LEW is a privately owned company that operates in the Software Outsourcing & Development area.

We deliver cutting-edge IT solutions, custom projects for various organizations.

LEW is centered on high market value research & development, that leverages the benefits of latest state-of-the-art technologies.

We believe that:

– that technology is a tool that can enhance human attributes!

– automating routine processes can provide time to unleash human creativity!

– intelligent and easy to use tools can improve quality of life!

Why LEW?

Integration with large providers of software & fintech platforms.

12 years experience in IT/software/online, large enterprise projects.

6 years experience in fintech & research, capital markets.

Access to a large pool of talent, sustainable source of multi-disciplinary skills.

Similar projects

Research and development of Data-Mining techniques and Algorithms

Historic and Real-time correlations of a broad range of data from multiple sources

Capital markets algorithms for prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting, large-scale product validation and replication

AI algorithms for Big Data analysis in stocks, forex, options & futures market

Analysis, Probabilistic approach, Monte Carlo techniques to develop a complex system of strategies, optimization and warnings for monitoring vast amounts of data in Capital Markets

Risk management AI platform to prevent the occurrence of otherwise undetected situations

Neural networks for natural language analysis on hubs of international financial news.

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