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Asset Class Returns over Last 10 years & 2 Earnings Model for Crypto (ETH, BTC)

Asset Class Returns over the Last 10 Years (Dec 2020)

1. Earnings Model 1:

This is the updated earnings for Top 10 Arbitrage & Trading algos on ETH & BTC, Dec 2020:

2. Earnings Model 2:

This is the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) for some 9 cryptocurrency (we only need to hold in an account):

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Bucharest will host European Cybersecurity Competence Center, hub for cybersecurity research projects, after the majority of EU countries voted !

Diplomats selected Bucharest with 15 votes in its favor, several EU diplomats said, in a second round of votes that pitted Brussels against Romania’s capital.

The Romanian capital has won the race to host the new European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre, ECCC, Romania’s Foreign Minister, Bogdan Aurescu, announced on Thursday.

“Exceptional success for Romania,” Aurescu wrote. “After intense diplomatic efforts, Bucharest was elected to host the EU’s Cybersecurity Centre – the 1st EU Agency in Romania,” the minister tweeted.

Bucharest was chosen over Brussels, Munich, Warsaw, Vilnius, Luxembourg and León, Spain, to host this new centre funded by the EU and dedicated to developing technologies to counter cyberattacks.

“Romanian expertise in IT was acknowledged in the EU. Romania is ready to work hard for a European cybersecurity ecosystem,” the minister continued in his tweet.

According to the European Council, the criteria to choose the host of the ECCC included “the date on which the centre can become operational”, “connectivity, security and interoperability with IT facilities to handle EU funding” and the existence of a “cybersecurity ecosystem”.

In recent years, Romania has become respected for its cybersecurity capacities. Conversely, it is also infamous for being the base of many cybercrime networks defrauding internet users all over the world.

The ECCC aims to “contribute to the deployment of the latest cybersecurity technology, support cybersecurity start-ups and SMEs, enhance cybersecurity research and innovation [and] contribute to closing the cybersecurity skills gap”.

The centre is expected to play a central role in the EU fight against increasing cyberthreats from hackers acting either on their own initiative or at the behest of hostile states and entities.

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Experts Forecast: Ethereum (ETH) will exceed $20’000 & Bitcoin (BTC) > $100’000 ! Timeframe 24-36 months !

Experts in the field of trading and investment believe that this is the best time to invest in digital currencies because they are more stable than FIAT.

At the moment, there is a noticeable mass concentration of Bitcoin by large international companies. Analysts indicate that this is “hodling”, i.e., gathering crypto resources as a form of protection. The latest data indicate that over 40% of Bitcoins do not leave their wallets, which indicates that the current strategy is to create a financial reserve against inflation in the monetary system.

The involvement of international institutions in the crypto market has made its foundation much better than ever before.

The weakening confidence in public institutions as well as in banks has also contributed to a new model of decentralized finance (DeFi). These will make it possible to create a more open financial system that can potentially be protected from censorship and discriminatory actions around the world. The coronavirus pandemic has significantly accelerated the development of DeFi, which is also resulting in the rating of Ethereum and coins based on its architecture.

The increase in cryptocurrency prices is also influenced by the activity of miners. The crypto mining supply increased by more than 20 million USD and thus returned to the level before the last halving of Bitcoin.

Therefore, very optimistic predictions for the two largest cryptocurrencies are made. Analysts predict that in the nearest future both Bitcoin and Ethereum will not only break their previous records but will also rise well above this level. The forecasts even say that they will exceed the 100,000 USD for one Bitcoin and 10,000 USD for one Ethereum.

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The Social Dilemma – The Official Trailer – Cloud Breaking Big Tech Companies – Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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Denmark propose the use of Blockchain Platforms for fighting against corruption on government and institutional levels

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark published a report explaining the use of IT technologies and services including blockchain, e-governance, big data, and crowdsourcing to fight administrative, or day-to-day, corruption as well as political corruption.

Presented during the International Anti-Corruption Conference, or IACC, the report emphasizes the use of blockchain as a technology that will build a more transparent governance and transaction system, further adding that it will also give individuals greater rights over their own data.

According to the report, blockchain can be used as a potential anti-corruption tool as it has the ability to store records immutably and transparently. A public database such as blockchain also provides every individual equal access to the data stored in the ledger, thus allowing individuals to claim their rights over aid, land and money without depending on any middlemen.

The report further says that blockchain “reduces or eliminates the need for institutions” such as banks, land registries, accountants, registry of births and deaths, and vehicle registration whose main job is to validate transactions.

The technology would help entities efficiently and securely share resources with people without formal identities or bank accounts, the report adds.

The public sector may also use blockchain to secure records and certificates from any alterations and use blockchain’s ability to trace all activities to reduce the chances for corruption.

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Artificial Intelligence Defeats Lockheed F-16 Pilot In Darpa’s Virtual Dogfight | Investor’s Business Daily

In a semifinal Thursday, Lockheed beat Physics AI. Heron defeated Aurora in the other semifinal and then took down Lockheed in the final. Heron scored five kills vs. zero for the human pilot.

The first round on Tuesday featured each team flying their algorithms vs. adversary AI algorithms. The teams then competed against each other in a round-robin style competition Wednesday.

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Farmers Could Soon Be Hedging Their Risks With Decentralized Weather Data

Farmers are likely the hardest hit by weather unpredictability. For many, severe weather conditions can lead to the loss of their livelihood, or even starvation. Although farmer insurance has been around for decades — if not centuries — according to Jha, it is unaffordable for the vast majority:

“If you had less than two hundred thousand dollars in premium to spend, you actually had no real access.”

Arbol blockchain infrastructure. Source: Arbol.

Jha claims that Arbol both lowers the entry barrier and makes hedging less expensive. With blockchain, settlements and payouts can be instant, whereas in the centralized world, participants may have to wait weeks, if not months. 

Farmers can hedge against various adverse weather conditions having a negative impact on their crops. They can buy a hedge — for example, if a temperature in their region reaches a critical level, which will trigger an automatic payout. By adding Chainlink’s oracalized weather data feeds, the company’s platform has become more decentralized and resilient. 

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Online voting platform security and decentralization, global, regional & local solutions to elections

According to a June 7 paper from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Michigan, Democracy Live’s popular online voting platform, OmniBallot, is vulnerable to vote manipulation. Many states have tried OmniBallot, which uses Amazon Web Services to lock in votes, but it has faced security issues. A more decentralized online voting is part of the solution to protect ballots, the researchers say. 

Cryptographic end-to-end verifiability plays a key role

The researchers believe that a decentralized approach in which a voter does not need to trust a particular client device or official election software or servers is essential for secure remote voting. 

As a solution, the researchers put forward an end-to-end verifiability protocol like cryptographic E2E-V. They say such a protocol would allow each voter to independently check whether their vote is correctly recorded and included in the election result. They emphasis that: 

“Although experts hold that E2E-V should be a requirement for any Internet voting system, they simultaneously caution that “no Internet voting system of any kind should be used for public elections before end-to-end verifiable in-person voting systems have been widely deployed and experience has been gained from their use” 
Online voting platform vulnerability

Studies found out that the OmniBallot platform’s simplistic web-based approach system and its extensive usage of third-party services and infrastructure is putting voters’ privacy and vote accuracy in jeopardy. 

OmniBallot reportedly has no intention to seek any decentralized solution. The protocol it uses provides no way for anyone to verify that accuracy of the ballout sections. This will lead cyberattackers to gain control of the platform and change recorded votes without anyone even noticing.

In order to make votes more accessible to all, OmniBallot has turned the traditional voting of letting voters print ballouts and returning it through the mail to allowing voters to return their ballouts online. This web-based system handles blank ballot delivery, ballot marking, and online voting. 

As Cointelegraph reported previously, Congress is looking into developing a blockchain-based end-to-end encrypted system to allow remote Senate voting

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ECB official says the central bank is working on a ‘retail’ digital currency, floats decentralized token model

The European Central Bank is working on a “retail central bank digital currency” as part of an investigative task force, according to a member of its Executive Board.

Yves Mersch, who also serves as vice chair of the ECB’s Supervisory Board, made the remarks during an early-morning keynote address for CoinDesk’s Consensus 2020 conference. In a published version of his speech, Mersch talked about the task force and the work it is conducting, mostly notable the retail CBDC versus a “wholesale” focused one.

Mersch acknowledged that such work is taking place against the backdrop of an economy in which the vast majority of euro area transactions – some 76% – are in the form of cash. And to that end, “[t]he ECB’s debate on CBDCs is therefore mainly analytical,” he noted.

“The lack of a concrete ‘business case’ for a CBDC at present should and does not stop us from seriously exploring the optimal design of a CBDC so that we will be well prepared should we ever take a policy decision to issue a digital currency,” he went on to say. “To this end, we have set up a task force on a CBDC within the Eurosystem
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