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UK Film Funding Platform Counts Four Major Blockchain Partnerships | Ibinex News

LiveTree boasts of four partnerships that would harness the power of blockchain technology to reimagine the film and video content creation process.
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Japan’s Prime Minister Appoints Pro-Blockchain Figure as Minister of Science, Tech, IT

A prominent pro-blockchain politician has been appointed as Minister of Science, Technology, and IT in Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe’s cabinet.
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Italian Banking Association Completes First Test of Blockchain-Based Interbank System

A group of 14 Italian banks has successfully completed the initial stage of its blockchain-powered interbank system project.
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LiveTree Announces Four Massive Blockchain Partnerships Ahead of Blossom TV Launch

LONDON, September 28, 2018 /PR Newswire UK/ — LiveTree Announces Four Massive Blockchain Partnerships Ahead of Blossom TV Launch.
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FINMA – FINMA launches proceedings against ICO issuer

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA has launched enforcement proceedings against envion AG. FINMA has evidence that the company may have breached financial market law in relation to an ICO.
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Storiqa voting on OKEX exchange

We are starting to send Airdrop Rewards for OKEX voting! ?

We are at the final stage of checking your data received through the airdrop form. As the result, we excluded not only the incorrect filling, but also fake information and duplicates. We really appreciate your support and want to be sure that your reward is fair, that’s why we check everything carefully.

? Distribution is already started and it will take several days. Be in touch! ?

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Considerată că va revoluționa internetul, tehnologia blockchain este inovația care asigură libertatea de acțiune și permite efectuarea de tranzacții sigure fără a fi nevoie apelarea la agenți externi, lăsând intermediarii sa aparțină de domeniul trecutului.
Care sunt sectoarele în care tehnologia blockchain are aplicabilitate? Cum ne influențează această tehnologie afacerea și care sunt oportunitățile pe care această tehnologie le oferă?
·         Ce este tehnologia Blockchain și care sunt aplicațiile ei
·         Monedele virtuale și tehnologia Blockchain
·         Aplicațiile în turism ale tehnologiei Blockchain
·         Domenii în care se aplică tehnologia Blockchain
·         Cum să investim?
·      Investitori privați și companii
·      Angajații din domeniul previzionării (foresight)
·      Specialiști IT
·      Institute bancare, firme de asigurări
·      Companii multinaționale, IMM-uri, Start Up-uri
·      Studenți, cei pasionați de domeniu
Înscrierile se fac prin completarea Formularului de participare:
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BLOCKCON Disruptive Innovation – Bucharest 8 june 2017 – CCIR Business Center

 Gathers brilliant international speakers, experts and enthusiasts passionate about cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and the massive adoption of these technologies. The Conference covers a wide range of topics from the blockchain and the cryptocurrency technologies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Veros) to fintech innovations, cryptocurrency mass adoption, acceptance, regulations, businesses, investments and Crypto One Stop Solution.