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For generations, humans dream about the interaction with computer through brain activities. It was a fantasy thing that the scientists and others dream about through science fiction movies and imagination.

This dream comes true and currently we are able through advanced electronic devices to capture the brain signals and control the real world devices.

Certainly, still there are some of the constraints and challenges but we believe that in the few coming years, there will be too much to do with brain signals and effective solutions for many of its current research problems.
Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a complete system including the software and hardware that manipulate human signals to control Computers and different communication devices.

Remote Control any Equipment

From working devices in the office to remote vehicles & UAVs !


Human Resources &
Talent Identification / Evaluation

Vocational assessment, head-hunting, confidential information protection !

Public Speech &
Truth Degree Estimation

From interviews & organisation flows assesment to full Real-Time Public Speech analysis !

Deep Medical & Psychological Research & Diagnosis

From COVID-19 diagnosis to complex conditions like Alzheimer & Parkinson very early pre-warnings !

The measured EEG signal is largely an individual feature and varies depending on the psychophysiological state of a person.

 Both the signal amplitude and dominant frequencies undergo changes. It is assumed that a healthy human brain generates waves at frequencies ranging from 0.5 Hz to 100 Hz and amplitudes from several to several hundred μV.

−  alpha rhythms with frequencies from 8 Hz to 13Hz, which are particularly evident during the absence of visual stimuli,
−  beta rhythms with frequencies from 12 Hz to 30 Hz, which can be seen in the frontal region of the brain and are observed during concentration,
−  gamma rhythms found between 30 Hz – 100 Hz, which can be seen during motor
−  delta rhythms with frequencies from 0.5 Hz to 4Hz, which can be observed at stage 3 and 4 of sleep,
−  theta rhythms with frequencies from 4 Hz to 8 Hz, which occur during light sleep and are observed during hypnosis,
−  mu motor rhythm in the range 8 Hz ÷ 12 Hz which is used in Motor Imagery (MI) BCI paradigm.

Areas of Interest

Enabling human behavior research both in the laboratory and in real-world research scenarios. Neuroscience and psychology aim to gain a deeper understanding of the brain and mind. By recording behavioral and physiological responses to certain stimuli and situations, we are able to reconstruct and analyze how our brain processes and uses information.

Cognitive science is the scientific study of the brain and its processes. It’s a multidisciplinary field that integrates
knowledge from psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and or anthropology.

Empirical results obtained from clinical psychology research are an essential guide for professionals to develop
effective interventions. This leads to proven and reliable results that improve lives, enhance interactions and
social relationships, overcome addictions, and help patients with a wide variety of mental health issues.

Social psychology investigates the factors and conditions that shape individuals’ actions, feelings, or beliefs in
relation to other people in order to understand social behavior. Several fields are explored, such as social
cognition, social identity, attitudes, discrimination, or group behavior, to name a few.

Developmental psychologists study how our cognition, emotion, social functioning, and behavior evolve
throughout our entire lifetime, from infancy through childhood and adolescence, into adulthood and latelife. How
 do different aspects of our mind, such as attention, motivation, sleep, language learning, responses to different
stimuli, change over time?

Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. Researchers study languages as a function of syntax,
sounds, and meaning, including the historical, cultural, and social influences on language.

the Hub

Your Project & Startup Incubator & Launchpad

Premium location in Bucharest, Romania, with State-of-the-Art Online & Physical  infrastructure for accelerating Start-Ups to achieve Global impact !

Web & Mobile

Turnkey, All-in-one Platforms Ecosystem for Start-ups of Any Size !

From baseline CRM, ERP, Project management & Recruiting talent, to Internationalisation & Fundraising.

Office Space &
Meeting Rooms

Premium infrastructure for short-term & medium-term team setups. User-friendly online scheduling.

Multiple fiber optics Gigabyte internet connections.

Conference Room

50+ physical attendees & 10'000+ virtual conference infrastructure, multimedia & interactive digital setup.

Automatic Backup Switching on Landline & Mobile connections for high-volume Live Streaming.

Electric Vehicles
Charging Station

Fast charging unit connected to the on-site renewable energy sources (solar & wind).

Free bike parking !

Outdoor Advertising Space

High Quality, High Definition Outdoor LED Video Screens with 2.5 x 2 m dimensions.

High Quality Outdoor Mesh & Banner Places.

Indoor Air Station

Air Quality monitoring with HEPA air filtering & Plasma dust removal.

Connected to the outdoor air monitoring systems & weather station.

Research Center

Your testing & development playground for Real World Use Cases

Secure Applied Research & Development infrastructure, in partnership with National & Regional companies, universities and institutions. 

our Team

In-house team of researchers, analysts, programmers and multidisciplinary experts with experience in high-tech international projects.

our Partners

Partnerships with European Companies focused on Applied Research & Development, the Romanian Military Technical Academy and the Romanian Academy Research Institutes with access to a large pool of highly skilled researchers.

the Space

5 floors secure & high-tech building

500+ Square Meters of Research Infrastructure & Equipments

Why Romania?

Pilot Big-Data Infrastructure for High Performance Computational Projects.

Third largest CEE economy and the second most populated country.

Expected to be the fastest growing economy in the European Union, low inflation and stable currency.

& Services

- IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).
- Paas (Platform as a Service).
- SaaS (Software as a Service)
- AaaS (Applications as a Service)
- Hosted Managed Service


Optimised Air & Liquid cooling for Servers, Equipment & Building.

External Pool for All-Weather Cooling & Energy Storage.

E.V. charging station with solar & wind sources infrastructure.

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