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About us

LEW.RO Software Solutions

Leichmann Weifert Group

Welcome to B2B
TurnKey Solutions Company

Web & Mobile

High quality Software Development solutions with consistent cost reduction.

Access to large pool of IT professionals. Access to talent — sustainable source of skills.


Experience since 2016 in Developing Solutions on existing AND new Blockchain infrastructures !

Analyse, Develop, Integrate !

Research & Development

With our Partners from Private Companies & Public Institutions we're one of the largest Research & Development pool of experts in multiple sectors !

Partnerships for authentic experiences.

Enhance Your capacity for innovation !

Use our knowledge to supplement limited in-house capacity for product innovation !

Project Countries
Years of Team Experience

We are trusted by Global Companies, Start-Ups,
Non-Profit Organisations and Government Institutions

Technology is a Tool. We use it to amplify the Infinite Human Potential. 

We leverage Your Teams, we Simplify Your Projects, we Automate Your Processes. 

The Purpose is to Free Your Mind, so You & Your Organisation can have Nikola Tesla-level Inspiration & Impact !

Our Clients

Driving technology for leading brands

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    Bucharest 1, 2nd Viisoarei, 

    1st floor

    Research Hub

    Bucharest 3, 16th Lucretiu Patrășcanu, 

    Sintezei building, 1st floor

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