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We are involved in research sector with partners from Romania and Europe, as participant with software and analysis competencies in large projects in various domains (medicine, chemistry, electrical engineering, nanotechnology etc.), the expertise we have acquired in these projects representing a solid base:

  • Data-mining techniques used to analyse a database of few thousand national strategic projects;
  • Data capture from clinic and experimental Cardio-vascular diseases studies carried out in 3 countries, analysis, statistic correlation;
  • Tens of thousands patients’ statistic data correlation, with the purpose to extract relevant information on disorders and improvement methods;
  • Market analysis, correlation and prediction between currency market and stock market;
  • Correlation between multiple sources of global news and capital market movements;
  • Finding solutions that correlate data measurement with user tagging;
  • Computer vision and data mining analysis for identifying objects and persons in large databases; etc.
These are just a part of our expertise that provide us with invaluable knowledge and experience put in the design & implementation of our next project, for which we’re searching partners in different domains:
  • connect and receive information from virtually any type of data sources
  • integrate news sources & global and local events to better understand triggers and amplifiers of movements
  • correlate and mine data historically or in real-time
  • visual representation of data and correlations using 2D and 3D setups
  • tools for taking complex decisions in different areas – financial markets, investing, health/emergency, government, multi-domain long term strategies
  • possibility to choose from base templates or to create custom templates for data & correlations representation
  • professional trading – modules & mobile/web apps for investing, trading and analysis of financial markets
  • secure communication infrastructure – world class level encryption infrastructure for delivering data, messages, calls, video-conferences, live feeds
  • mass-market gamification – mobile & web apps for trading & betting financial markets